A one-handed blacksmith cursed with incredible bad luck.

Yaga is an action roleplaying game where your choices define your progression, set in the world of Slavic folklore. Play as Ivan, an unlucky blacksmith caught between a Tzar giving him impossible tasks, a mysterious witch who wants to manipulate him, and his grandma who wants him to find a wife.

  • Build a reputation through roleplaying and villagers will help you unlocking secrets, find trading options, or bestow game-changing curses or blessings upon Ivan.
  • Pagan beliefs and superstitions are key to unlocking hidden secrets, getting house spirits on your side, or avoiding the powerful curses of unclean creatures.
  • Crossroads between levels allow the player to influence the difficulty, challenge and level generation of the game.
  • Discover and combine lots of talismans and artifacts that change the player's abilities and the gameplay
  • Craft and upgrade an arsenal of weapons and tools to aid you in your journeys.
  • Unique Soundtrack featuring underground folklore band SubcarpaČ›i.

How a Blacksmith Lost His Hand

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