Yaga Versions

- 1.2.23
- 1.1.25

v1.2.23 -

  • New Village Quest: Spirits for Spirits
  • Favourites Menu for Hammers, Tools and Magic Items
  • Buy Back option for merchants
  • Removed Bad Luck boosting caused by having Curses or Blessings
  • General Stability, Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

v1.1.25 -

Overhauled Bad Luck System

  • You can reduce Bad Luck using magic items
  • Witches can now remove your Bad Luck, for a price
  • Bad Luck only strikes when a weapon breaks!
  • After Bad Luck Strikes, you get a period of Good Luck
  • XP grows much faster while Bad Luck is high

Overhauled Combat System

  • A fairer challenge
  • Enemies have more skills
  • Enemies are smarter
  • Ivan's tools are more useful

Changes to the Crafting System

  • Added Weapon Durability - weapons break after using them
  • Runes can now be learned and applied while Crafting
  • Weapons can now be Repaired
  • New Crafting Upgrades are now available

Other additions and improvements

  • Added Hardcore Mode and Story Mode
  • Added Romanian Translation
  • Ivan moves faster and can run by holding the dodge button
  • A Large Minimap is now available
  • You can Skip the tutorial after seeing it once
  • Updated the Swamp Art
  • Added a way to fast travel
  • Added more secrets and treasures
  • New Talismans, Enhancements, Magic Items, Perks
  • Added breadcrumbs on the roads to help exploration


  • New Languages added to Xbox, Playstation 4 & Nintendo Switch: Polish, Portuguese (Brasil), Turkish, Arabic, Dutch, Korean, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)
  • New Language added to all platforms: Japanese
  • Fixed Several Localization & Formatting issues for Chinese & Japanese
  • Updates wrong translations in several places
  • Created HighRefreshRate setting that gets toggled in the background on PCs with High Refresh Rates monitors
  • Windcaller bolt can now also be deflected by the teapot enhancement
  • Donkey quest gives proper kopeks amount if not laughing at the joke
  • Fixed quest encounter chicken not reacting to enchanted cob, fixes chicken reacting to cob even after dead
  • Reduced likho badluck per second for pre-wedding fight
  • Fixed issue with conflict between aiming and pushback
  • Did lots of balancing tweaks that will be completely changed in the next update which overhauls the combat system completely
  • Fixed several issues with French punctuation marks
  • The game now saves after the third Tzar's request
  • [Bad Luck] More tweaks to Bad Luck system and reduced punishments
  • Fixed issue where the striga would bring in enemies with scrambled skin configuration
  • Fixed issues when some fixed enemies resulted in abnormal XP gains under certain circumstances
  • Fixed Mokosh altar acting like an offering was made when in fact the user cancelled
  • Altar offering UI now closes automatically after gifting one item
  • Fixed winter combat room allowing for Ivan to get stuck under certain circumstances
  • Shovel tool now gets auto-equipped in the Missing Drunkards quest


  • Fixed Spoiled Crops stuck issue when dying and restarting the level
  • Fixed for Stuhac Elder remaining stuck in animation when dying
  • Fixed a parsing error that was showing up in certain cultures and blocked progress
  • Fixed a scenario that would block progress during Widow's Necklace Quest
  • Fixed issue where you could get stuck while romancing Poludnica
  • Fixed issue with broken boss end dialogue if ivan dies before his ranged hammer hits final blow
  • [Bad Luck] disable Bad Luck generation due to blessings during dialogues and safe areas
  • [Bad Luck] add chance for enhancements to be recovered
  • [Bad Luck] tweaked cost of bad luck for inconsistent personality choices
  • [Bad Luck] reduce player anxiety over choosing some dialogue options
  • [Bad Luck] lower number of lost kopeks when Likho attacks
  • [Bad Luck] increase drop rate of Five Leaf Clover
  • Fixed eploit where you could get Ivan the Fool achievement in a single conversation
  • Made ghost art match the dead body art in the Chicken Run quest
  • Fixed several visual glitches
  • Localization updates and correction for all languages.
  • Enabled Japanese language
  • Fixed Bread sometimes not spawning in camp after completing the mission
  • Fixed not being able to make a "charged throw" with the copper hammer
  • Fixed a Golden Egg exploit
  • Likho’s projectiles can now be deflected with the hammer
  • Fixed Vampire Finger rewarding health when used on inanimate objects. You can't really drink blood from a stone, can you?
  • Fixed the loss of some quest items if the game crashes
  • Fixed various localization issues
  • Fixed Ghost Hand talisman not working properly
  • Fixed Money Can Buy Health blessing not working properly
  • Memory Usage Optimisations
  • Improved the memory usage of certain sprites
  • Removed pause in dialogue after receiving the gilded apple from Yaga
  • Fixed a collider issue with the Bandit Leader from Chainfork Quest
  • Fix for dialogue exploit in Jealous Gypsy
  • Diminished Vodyanoy Heavy stun duration
  • Fixed snapping animation of drunkards in village
  • Tweaked Balalaika Bear Bell price, because it was VERY explotable. Having 10 bears at once is kind of OP
  • Tweaked chainfork treasure chest position to be more accessible


day 1 patch for all consoles

  • Stability and performance improvements
  • Visual Tweaks to enemise and effects
  • Fixed Rusalka flower rooms sometimes not being accessible
  • Fixed the sudden disappearance of Deadwoods enemies
  • Fixed the loot to the bandits in Rebel Teen
  • Fixed the positioning of the actors in the Donkey quest
  • Fixed issues with the camp Crow dialogue
  • Fixed Veles Altar not appearing in farms region
  • Added an angry expression to Ivan during downward hits
  • Fixed issue with Vodnik during Maria’s Conditions quest causing a progression stopper
  • Fixed issue with Dragonfly allowing you to exit Isolated Rooms bounds. Speedrunners will hate this fix.
  • Fixed issue with herdsman repeating the beginning of the quest dialogue every time Ivan returned to camp
  • Fixed issue with Confession Tree Bandit being able to attack Ivan while in dialogue
  • Fixed issue where some effects were activated “always” instead of “sometimes”
  • Made Koshchei go away when unwanted
  • Fixed issue with Ivan getting killed in conversation with bosses
  • Fixed golden tooth kopeks exploit
  • Fixed several animations bugs.
  • Reduce number of notifications when picking up kopeks
  • Fixed an issue where Ivan didn’t know he helped other characters
  • Fix an issue where you couldn’t destroy destructible objects
  • Fix issues with Sudice dialogues in widescreen resolutions
  • Tweaked Balalaika Bear loot
  • Fix for Ivan getting stuck in an Deadwoods exit room
  • Fix for an issue where battles were ending before they should.
  • Fixed issues dealing with progress not being saved while in the Village
  • Fixed issues with chainfork pulling Ivan into obstacles under certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue where Tzar’s trophies were bloody even with Blood set to off
  • Fix for issue where the ending of the game could be repeated and different choices could be made
  • Fix an issue where the dialogue not continue automatically in certain conditions when returning Muddy Water of Life to the Tzar
  • Fix salvage bug where incorrect number of items were returned.
  • Fix repeating dialogue with Tzar and Grieving Widow
  • Fix issue where Giant Han was ignoring Ivan
  • Fixed issues with "No Blood" option still displaying blood in some places.
  • Text corrections, typos, grammar fixes. Updated Localizations.
  • Fix exploit for infinite body parts and items dropping from summoned enemies
  • fixed several issues related to perks, blessings and enhancements
  • Consoles & Mobile
  • [PS4] Changed order of video player startup so it avoids a rare case where the game wouldn't start when the console is in slow hard drive mode.
  • [PS4] fix PS4 controls screen labels
  • [Xbox] Extra handling to make sure the game can reset to the title screen while in the middle of a dialogue sequence or cutscene.
  • [Switch] Change the in-world interaction button to (A)
  • [Switch] Change Minimap to supported texture format
  • [Mobile] Updated Game Center login error message with better details.
  • [Mobile] Give the user information about iCloud's online/offline state. + Added Game Center error dialog to the main menu for when Game Center logs in
  • [Mobile] Tweaks to character texture sizes for better quality


pre-launch preview version

This was the early pre-launch version send to press and streamers. Some early console players might have also downloaded this version, if they managed to get it before the day-1 patch.
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