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Game Information

What platforms is the game available on?
You can play Yaga on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC via Steam, GOG and Epic Store, or Apple Arcade.
What languages is the game localized in?
The game has full voice-over in English, but the UI and subtitles are localized in several langauges: French, Italian, German, French, Russian, Polish, Portuguese (Brasil), Turkish, Arabic, Dutch, Korean, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, Romanian.
Will there be any DLC or sequels?
There are lots of stories left to tell in the game's universe and we are really excited to work on them. We'll add more content to the game in the following months.
How long is the game?
A single playthrough of the game can last between 6 to 10 hours, depending on how much you explore, how well you fight and how many characters you interact with. However, we recommend playing the game more than once, as using different personality choices leads to different resolutions of encounters. Also, there are 5 different ways that Ivan's journey can end, based on your choices throughout the game.

Bugs & Blockers

I can't seem to pass the Widow's Necklace Quest, what gives?

THIS BUG WAS FIXED after 1.0.80

It's possible you are playing a version of the game that has a bug in this room. To pick up the necklace make sure to approach the skeleton inside the exit room and wait for Ivan's thoughts to finish without leaving that spot. After the thought is finished you will be able to interact with the skeleton and take the necklace. You can watch a video here.
I seem to be stuck in the loading screen trying to go to the Spoiled Grains quest, what should I do?

THIS BUG WAS FIXED after 1.0.85

Oups, this is a nasty one, sorry :(. This appears in the mobile version if you die during the Spoiled Grains quest. If you're already stuck in this screen, there's no solution for now. This will be fixed in an update that will be published soon. If you don't want to wait, try starting a new tale and avoid dying in this specific level. To prevent it in new playthrough, when close to dying in that level, please force-close the game and try again.

I'm playing the game in Arabic/Russian and the game locks after a dialogue with Poludnica, what should I do?

THIS BUG WAS FIXED after 1.0.85

This means you are probably playing a version older than v1.0.78. You can avoid this issue by either choosing to not offer yourself to Poludnica, (find another match for her or fight her). If you decide to offer Ivan to her, change your language to English before having the dialogue and change it back to Arabic or Russian afterwards.


I love the soundtrack, where can I listen to more of it?
You can buy the soundtrack with the Playstation 4, Epic Games, Steam or GOG version. The soundtrack is also available on YouTube: Yaga Soundtrack .
I love the art, where can I find some wallpapers for my desktop?
You can download a wallpaper pack here: wallpapers.zip .
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